Rinse and Repeat: Cuban Paninis

Working kind of sucks. Big time. It’s been all of one month at my new job and I already want to quit! My hours are all over the map which makes cooking on a regular basis a total pain in the pooper. Whenever time is in short supply I start looking for short cuts in […]

Deli Style Chicken Salad

I live twenty minutes from Panera Bread.  I’m sure you were just dying to know that!  This is both good and bad. It’s good because my wallet and my waist both greatly appreciate this!  I can’t imagine how often I would pop in there for lunch if I lived just down the street…truth be told I’m […]

Rinse and Repeat: Sausage Vegetable Sandwiches

I had one leftover Sausage Vegetable Packet from last night which I used to make a sandwich today, and it was SOOOO good. I used those little King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, and the sweetness of the roll complemented the sweetness of the onions perfectly. Mmm..I didn’t even bother to warm it up first, but you […]