Michelob Ultra Light Cider Braised Fennel and Green Apple

Is it just me or do women’s bathing suits seem to be getting smaller and smaller with each passing year? Maybe it’s just that I prefer to believe that they’re getting smaller than the alternative… Although my 12-year may insist that it’s just that fact that she now wants to wear one of the itsy-bitsy […]

Chicken Teriyaki

Have you ever been intimidated in the kitchen? For some reason, learning to cook authentic Asian food just really freaks me out. You start with a recipe chalk full of ingredients I’ve never heard of and often can’t find in my small-town grocery store and then it kind of rolls down hill from there. Several […]

Roast Chicken with Tomatoes and Olives with Ann

My life seems to have turned itself upside down so many times lately I’m no longer sure I know which way is up. I’m starting back to work today for the first time after 14 years as a stay-at-home mom, I’m moving in just 3 weeks, and I just found out I have skin cancer. […]

Super Simple Spicy Pulled Pork

I have no idea how the entire month of January seems to be almost over already! Where did all the time go? Oh… I know. We’ve been car shopping. What a major headache and time sucking event. Is there like some unwritten law that says that all car salesmen have to give you the creeps? […]

Rinse and Repeat: Margarita Grilled Chicken with Pineapple Mango Salsa

‘Tis the season to Rinse and Repeat! With only a few more days left until Christmas life always finds a way to get busier and busier, no matter how organized or prepared you are. Or in my case aren’t… I take all the short cuts I can get in the kitchen. Rinse and Repeat is […]

Chicken and Thyme Sausage Patties

Confession…I have absolutely no idea when Mother’s Day is this year.  (I’m very sorry Mom. I promise I’ll go and Google it as soon as I’m done here so I don’t miss it!)  I know it must be coming up quickly because the display at the checkout at Target the other day told me so. […]

Shepherd’s Pie

Cottage Pie was originally eaten in England by the lower class (who lived in cottages – hence the name), after the potato was introduced as an edible crop for the poor.  It was typically made with whatever meat scraps were on hand, ground up, and then topped with potatoes as a way to stretch the […]

Deli Style Chicken Salad

I live twenty minutes from Panera Bread.  I’m sure you were just dying to know that!  This is both good and bad. It’s good because my wallet and my waist both greatly appreciate this!  I can’t imagine how often I would pop in there for lunch if I lived just down the street…truth be told I’m […]

Brown Sugar & Pecan Candied Bacon

One of my finals this term is to come up with a menu for a meal that serves at least four people.  It can be any meal, and has no budget restriction.  The recipes don’t have to be our own, and we don’t even have to make them. It’s a big exercise in determining food […]

Mini Butter Bomb Burgers

My husband is an AMAZING story teller. Unfortunately most of them just aren’t true…Even our 6 year old knows to ask if he’s fibbing. For example, my husband loves to regale people with this story about how once upon a time I made these Martha Stewart hamburgers with this herb butter in the middle that […]