Chocolate Plunge

 With three kids there are weeks that simply fly by! While I love to surprise my kids with a special dessert sometimes, there are nights when there just isn’t a lot of time to be super creative. This chocolate dip is a perfect weeknight treat, but it’s also luxurious enough to entertain with. And it’s […]

Italian Herb Dipping Sauce

Eating out is one of the first things to go when tightening my food bill. As much as I know I need to do it, sometimes I miss the special little touches of a meal at a restaurant, especially when they bring you a hot loaf of bread and some flavored olive oil to dip […]

Holy Guacamole!

So there’s nothing either holey or holy about this guacamole.  It’s just fun to say.  Kind of immature – I know. For some reason, it wasn’t until my friend Tammy announced something about making some guacamole a few years ago that it occurred to me that I could make it at home.  Duh… It’s one […]

Corn and Black Bean Salsa Dip

The Texas Rangers are headed to the World Series for the first time in franchise history! And our household couldn’t be more excited! My husband and father-in-law were on the phone right after they beat the Yankees in that last game, and my father-in-law couldn’t even carry on a conversation he was so excited. You […]

Scallion and Red Pepper Cream Cheese

When my husband and I first met (what we lovingly refer to as B.C. – before children) we always had a LONG work week. We were both in the Navy, and there were days when we had to be on base by 5:00 a.m. for PT. By the time we finished up, got home and […]

Fresh Fruit Dip

I am a magazine collector. I’m convinced that somewhere there is a self-help group for this. I’ll save a magazine FOREVER if there’s a good recipe in it. I have all these good intentions of going back and making it, but I never flip through a magazine looking for recipes to make (unless it’s a […]