Piña Colada Granola

Whenever I get really stressed out I start eating like total crap. Let’s just say I’ve eaten a lot of crap lately! The first thing to go is always breakfast…

The more junk I eat the worse I feel, and the more stress bothers me. It becomes a vicious cycle that requires a good swift kick in the a** to break.

Granola is my go-to healthy breakfast to get back on track because you literally throw all the ingredients in a bowl, add a little fat and something sweet, and toss it in the oven. Even better you can make it any flavor you wish.

Since I can’t get away on a vacation to a lush tropical island anytime soon, I’ll settle for a little Piña Colada for breakfast. With a little bit of sweetened coconut, some dried pineapple, and some crunchy macadamia nuts thrown in for good measure, it’s like a mini vacation for breakfast.

It makes Monday morning such a prettier sight to behold!

Piña Colada Granola


6 c. old-fashioned oats

2 c. macadamia nuts, roughly chopped

¼ c. flax seed

2 tbs. wheat germ

½ tsp. salt

½ c. brown sugar

½ c. honey

1/3 c. vegetable oil

1 ½ c. sweetened shredded coconut*

1 c. dried pineapple, roughly chopped


Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Line a baking sheet with a silpat or parchment paper and set aside.

In a large bowl, combine oats, macadamia nuts, flax seed, wheat germ, and salt.

In a small saucepan, combine brown sugar, honey, and oil. Cook over medium heat 2-3 minutes until sugar is dissolved. Pour over oat mixture, tossing gently to coat.

Bake 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes, making sure not to burn the nuts.

Remove from the oven and let cool. Keep flat and cool completely stirring a couple of times to break the mixture up. Once cool, add the shredded coconut and the dried pineapple.

Store in an airtight container for up to 1 month.


*If you prefer your coconut toasted, feel free to add it to the oat mixture before it goes into the oven. In this recipe, I kind of prefer it untoasted, but do whatever floats your boat!

Other great granola recipes I love:
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  1. 1

    What a great idea! Love granola, dig pina coladas — so yeah, I think I’d like this :)

  2. 2

    Yes, this is definitely a wonderful Monday morning pick me up.. that you could really eat all day.. : )

  3. 3

    Piña colada granola!? Love it! What a great way to take the sugar-weary taste buds on a mini, healthy vacation. :-)

  4. 4

    I stress eat too, horrible cycle that never ends!
    This granola sounds so tropical and delicious. I really need to make my own sometime soon!

  5. 6

    That sound delicious! :)

  6. 7

    What a tasty looking tropical granola, Jen! This would be so good over yogurt or ice cream. Great recipe, thanks for sharing. Also, I’m having a ChicWrap giveaway today that you should enter!

  7. 9

    What. did. you. DO?

    Oh my, this looks and sounds amazing! Pinned dahling!

  8. 11

    Oooo, I love granola but hate the store prices for it plus all the unneeded crap in many of them. This however, sounds and LOOKS awesome, Jen!

  9. 13

    I love the idea of pina colada granola! This is a gorgeous way to start the week Jen!

  10. 14

    I am (mostly) okay with the fact that I don’t have a summer vacation planned…because of this granola! I love this!! And definitely could use it to get back into a healthy routine. I totally think breakfast sets the tone for the entire day :) I’d love this start!

  11. 15

    I need to get back on the granola train and off the junk train too…booo. But THIS granola makes it seem possible!

  12. 16

    Jen…I really love granola….in all varieties! But there’s something about adding coconut, pineapple and those luscious macadamia nuts that make it so much more special! As a matter of fact….this is not only healthy….it is comforting….and a perfect go-to breakfast or snack for those stressful days! (I hope you don’t have too many more of those!) Love the pictures….I always gush over your photography and food styling! I can’t help it! : )

    • 17

      Thank you Anne! Me too – things are starting to settle down a little. It’s just hard settling into a new routine…

  13. 18

    Jen this granola is fabulous. I would love this one. Any excuse to eat coconut is fine by me. I need to track down some dried pineapple.

  14. 19

    Yum! Isn’t homemade granola sooo much better than store bought? I need to check to see if I have any gluten-free oats in the pantry… if I do I know what I’m making for the long weekend :)

  15. 21

    Oh, this looks like a lovely addition to my Greek yogurt! I think I’ll top it with a little umbrella :)

  16. 23

    Hi Jen! Uhhh I hear you! I’ve been so busy with the kids and I am stressed and so tired (sorry it took a long time for me to be back as well). Vicious cycle is definitely going on in me too! Had to stop exercise whole last week too. Uggghhh! This granola seems like a life saver. I need something healthy to make me feel good. Too much going on and I care less about my plan to lose weight and eat whatever I wanted to eat… not so good idea! I love coconut addition on this and I’d totally start this one soon.

    • 24

      It’s hard to find balance when you are trying too hard to just make it through the day! I really hope things settle down for you soon Nami.

  17. 25

    Hm… were you talking about these bowls? Their shape is so beautiful and food looks just lovely.

  18. 27

    Pina Coladas are my friend and this granola would be tops at my house!

  19. 28

    I can totally picture how happy my husband would be just with the title of your post! I’m totally making this over the weekend. Great pictures, Jen! Thanks for sharing this fantastic recipe. :)

  20. 30

    Jen, I just found your blog and love it! I totally know what you mean about getting stressed out and eating tons of junk! I think we have all been there. This granola sounds awesome. A tropical island in a bowl. Perfect!

  21. 32

    I eat food I would never even consider on a normal day when I am stressed out. It does not help matters. This granola looks fabulous. I would love a bowl; right along side my smoothie :) I love the bowl you have it in too. Very pretty. I hope things ease up in your life.

  22. 33

    I try to keep some grains in my diet every day and this dish does help with that! The tropical twist is a great idea.

  23. 34

    what a fun granola! sounds super delicious, just like everything you post!

  24. 35

    I’m sorry you’re so stressed lately. Hopefully this tasty and nutritious breakfast will put you back on track.

  25. 36

    I love homemade granola but I’ve never tried a tropical version. I have recently started using coconut and pineapple with my oatmeal and it’s a surprisingly satisfying combination – with or without more added sugar. So I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy this granola mix…

  26. 37

    Great idea Jen! I love the combination of coconut and pineapple over granola! Stunning presentation and awesome pics..hope you are doing well!

  27. 39

    I’ve been on kind of a granola bender these days so your post was timed wonderfully for me :) I love tropical flavors and this looks totally YUM Jen!

  28. 40

    Jen, this is one of the best granola combinations I have ever seen!! Wonderful job. :)

  29. 42

    Mmm I can almost taste this.. Pina Colada is seriously one of my favorite things in the world! With granola? I bet it’s fantastic!

  30. 43

    This sounds delicious Jen! I am loving all the goodies in this granola! I can see this being quite addictive, I would keep going back for seconds and thirds ;)!

  31. 44

    This sounds and looks amazing.

  32. 45

    Yum! I would eat this–I would eat this a lot! =D

  33. 46

    As I sit here eating my granola for breakfast, I am also bookmarking this recipe to try soon.

  34. 47

    Looks yummy!

  35. 48

    Now that is a pretty dish of granola! What a treat for Monday or any day!

  36. 49

    This is such a great idea, Jen! Love it!!

  37. 50

    Pinterest is totally addicting. And I don’t even have my own account!

    Your dish is super cute, btw!

  38. 52

    Oh my goodness your granola looks amazing! Love the addition of the dried pineapple. :)

  39. 53

    Jen, this is perfect!!! It’s like a boozy drink for breakfast!

  40. 54

    What a great breakfast idea! Love it! I’m the same way with eating and stress. It can become such a vicious cycle!!

  41. 55

    Jen, this is a gorgeous looking granola – and so is your food styling! Emotional eating’s a tough one and you’re so right about the vicious cycle that ensues… happy you brought us your back on track breakfast version today!

  42. 56

    Pina Colada Granola, sounds wonderful. I love all types of granola.

  43. 57

    Unique granola…I am loving the tropical theme…A must try!

  44. 58

    Your menu sounds fantastic…and I’m certain it was yummy

  45. 59

    Wow.. this breakfast looks so delicious and healthy! I would not mind eating this every day :-)

  46. 60

    What a unique and deliciously looking granola! This would easily been eaten everyday in this house!

  47. 61

    This is one for my daughter. Pina Colada is her favorite flavor! Looks great!

  48. 62

    I’m the same way with stress-eating so I always look for healthy snacks to munch on, or else I’d be morbidly obese. So glad I found this awesome go-to-healthy-stress-eating snack :)

  49. 63

    What a wonderful spin on granola! This sounds like the perfect snack.

  50. 64

    nice twist ! looks so delicious 😀 i love granola too

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