My Pinterest Addiction

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I’m honestly not sure what I ever did for entertainment before Pinterest!

I seriously spend more time browsing through pictures on Pinterest than I do watching TV! It’s like I’m suddenly obsessed with pictures of fabulous weddings and places I dream of visiting and some I didn’t even know I wanted to visit until I saw them on Pinterest. And don’t get me started on all those insanely cute high heels I will NEVER EVER put on my feet…

Pinterest is taking the social media world by storm, and for good reason. You can create virtual pin boards that allow you to share your favorite recipes, websites, home décor, and more. The sky is the limit! You can categorize these pin boards by subject, and then the people who follow you can browse through your virtual pin boards.

I use it to keep track of recipes, food photography props, kitchen design ideas, cookbooks, holiday ideas, + more!

As a blogger, Pinterest is a valuable tool and is quickly becoming my #1 source of traffic, more than Facebook and Twitter combined.

New to Pinterest? Here’s a great post over at Blogging with Amy called The Ultimate List of Pinterest Tips that highlights some of the dos and don’ts of Pinterest. It also has some great tips for bloggers who are using Pinterest as a business tool…

Want to join the fun? You need an invitation to join. So you can either head on over to Pinterest and “Request an Invite” or shoot me an email via my contact form with your email address and I’ll send you one so you can join ASAP!

Be sure to follow my boards at  Hope you have a little fun!  Just don’t blame me if you can no longer manage to get all your chores done!

Do you use Pinterest? If so, what are your favorite things to pin? Feel free to link up below with your Pinterest URL so we can all follow along!

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  1. 1

    I’m a fan of pinterest – it is SO much fun and it’s amazing how clever and talented people are! I’m glad that I follow you on the boards!

  2. 3

    How fun!

  3. 4

    I am just as addicted! I think I am already following you, but if not I will go do so right now!

  4. 6

    Word! This is the best thing. I have been using it for a a few months and it hasn’t gotten even close to being old. Love it!

  5. 7

    I’m an addict too! It’s amazing how fast an hour will go by whilst pinning.

  6. 8

    I agree, Pinterest is so addicting. I love seeing what all my friends post, and planning out our next vacation spots is my favorite thing to repin. There is also tons of food inspiration, craft ideas, and things that make me laugh. Now if only I can peel myself away from Pinterest long enough to do one of the things that inspired me lol.

  7. 10

    Yup, I’ve already managed to waste quite a few hours of my life on there :) It’s not my biggest source of blog traffic yet but climbing fast. Thanks for the link to more info, though. Already following you.

  8. 12

    I agree 100% I love it too!! Also has generated huge traffic for me…way way way more than Foodbuzz or google or anyone else. I am enjoying the boards, pins and new friends a ton. I have had no problems that I am aware of so far.

  9. 14

    My name is Shelley, and I’m a Pinterest Addict.
    Yep, things I never even had any interest in before I am now obsessed with! I spend soooo much time scrolling, scrolling, scrolling…… LOL
    I have to say, though, I have actually made some of the craft and recipe ideas I’ve found on there. So I can argue that it’s not a waste of time. LOL

  10. 16

    Pinterest is my crack. That is all…

  11. 17

    Pinning is slowly becoming my new hobby!! Ha ha!! I just can’t stop!

  12. 18

    I recently heard pinterest is a form of hoarding without the guilt. LOL. So true! I love that darn site. I have to limit my time or it gets out of hand :)

  13. 20

    I am obsessed with Pinterest too! It’s kind of a problem. I’ll be doing school work, then I’ll get bored after like 5 minutes, and I’ll find myself on Pinterest. I could just gawk at the screen for hours on end. It’s so entertaining! I’m pretty sure I’m a follower of yours, but I’m gonna go double check right now!

  14. 22

    Can’t wait to get started!

  15. 23

    I am not on Pinterest, I went there a few times and decided too much for me: it is addictive! :)

  16. 24

    I added my pinboard on the link list. Thank you – what a great idea. It really is taking the world by storm and has been great for bloggers. I definitely get the most traffic from there. Love meeting all the new people that have found my blog because of it. Plus, I get a lot of inspiration too!

  17. 26

    There is so much good information here. I’m supposed to be working but got completely sidetracked by that post by Blogging With Amy. Pinning :) Thanks Jen!

  18. 28

    That makes 2 of us Jen! I’m in love with pinterest too! I love to pin about party themes,dessert tables, crafts, People are so creative, I just love pinterest haha.

    I’m going to follow you right now 😀

  19. 30

    Jen, I love Pinterest mostly for it’s simplicity of sharing and organizing my thoughts and interests – I honestly don’t know how I did this before Pinterest because it’s now so much easier! A picture truly is worth a thousand words…

  20. 32

    I agree!!! So much fun to PIN :)

  21. 33

    Yes, I too am completely obsessed! I think I spend more time looking at photos there than actually making them. But I love the idea of pinning vs. scanning and filling up my file folder!

  22. 34

    Thanks for sharing Jen! I have not joined yet, but intend to now given your post :)


  23. 36

    You know you’re not alone. Let me know when you find the step program cure.

  24. 38

    haha I love pinterest!! It’s horrible, I could spend hours… and hours.. and hours.. searching through all of the fun pictures!!

  25. 39

    Pinterest is terribly amazing isn’t it?? I could spend all day and night on there, not sleep from looking through never ending photos and then do it all over again. But I LOVE it!

  26. 40

    I love it too!

  27. 41

    I’m so behind!!! I have an account….I just haven’t set it up yet! Maybe if life settles down for me next week, I can devote some time! You’ve given me some great ideas though and I will be sure to link up once I get my act together!

  28. 42

    I’m a fan of Pinterest.

  29. 43

    I just got started on both Pinterest and Twitter. Love them both. I really had no clue how cool Pinterest would be. I make boards for jobs (and me) all the time. Pinterest is going to speed that up for me big time.

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