Top 10 Food Gift Guide

The big day is almost here, but if you find yourself a little short on time, well first join the club!

Then take a look at my TOP 10 Food Gift Guide for the perfect last minute gift for the cook, baker, or just plain old food-lover in your life.

1. Olio Novello Olive Oil available from Williams-Sonoma

This superb fruity olive oil is pressed from the first harvest of the season by the Lucero family which has been producing olive oil for three generations.

2. Specialty Honey from the Savannah Bee Company

With flavors like Tupelo, Black Sage and Orange Blossom, this is perfect for the tea lover or baker in your life.  You can buy the flavors individually or in sampler gift sets.

3. Folio Box of Tasting Squares from Scharffen Berger Chocolates
Available in a variety of sizes, this little (or not so little) sampler contains bite-sized pieces of Milk, Semisweet, Bittersweet and Extra Dark Chocolate.

4. Sartori’s Espresso BellaVitano Reserve Cheese

Sweet and sugary BellaVitano cheese is hand rubbed with freshly roasted espresso for this incredible cheese. Makes a delicious treat for breakfast or a snack…

5. Organic Indian Chai Tea from Allegro Coffee

Blended with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper and cloves, this is a flavorful and yet delicate blend for any tea lover on your list. Excellent on its own or with a little milk and honey (maybe from the Savannah Bee Company…)

6. Lucini Italia Pinot Grigio Italian Wine Vinegar

This vinegar is barrel-aged in fire-roasted Italian oak barrels to give it a characteristic crisp and dry flavor.

7. Illy Ground Espresso

Available in medium or dark roast and decaf (which kind of makes you wonder why quite frankly), this smooth, bold espresso is the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life.

8. Black Truffle Sea Salt from The Spice and Tea Exchange

The Spice and Tea Exchange offers a huge variety of sea salt, everything from Fleur de Sel to the more exotic like this Black Truffle Sea Salt.  They’re all available individually (for the perfect stocking stuffer) or in gift sets.

9. Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract from Dean & Deluca

Nothing lends better flavor to baked goods and desserts than real vanilla extract.  It’s a MUST-HAVE for bakers in my book, and there’s no such thing as too much vanilla!

10. Penzeys Spices

With over 250 herbs, spices and seasonings, you can easily find something for any cook or baker on your list.

What are your favorite last minute food gifts?

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  1. 1

    ..any flavored olive oil or tea. One of our friend gave us cute case of twelve teas from I tried the oolong tea just today . It had a wonderful earthy flavour.

  2. 3

    Baked goods are always a great last minute treat. I find that I’ve always got enough ingredients to make something :)

  3. 4

    Great guide! I could use some spices and vanilla (just finished my good stuff)!

  4. 5

    Good ideas! I’ve received many a Penzey’s gift box and they’re always appreciated–and I would love it if someone sent me good olive oil and/or vinegar. I have a box from my sister-in-law that I’m secretly hoping is just that.

  5. 6

    Is it a bit much if I just send the link to some of my relatives? I would love to get some of these items. I think food is a great gift whether people are Foodies or not. You have to eat, it might as well be delicious! Any monthly food subscriptions are a great gift at the last minute.

  6. 7

    A lovely line-up as always Jen! That Mexican Vanilla is calling my name. Yum.

  7. 8

    What a great list! I think I need to forward it to my hubby!!! I love giving Penzey’s gift boxes…since there is a store just down the road from us. Merry, merry Christmas, my friend! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you this year!!! xo

  8. 10

    I’ll take one of each too. :) Hope you get all you want for Christmas!! Have a Very Merry Christmas! ~ Ramona

  9. 11

    Very nice! I especially like the Penzey’s gift box. My husband can’t pull me out of that store. Happy Holidays! 😀

  10. 12

    What a great gift list. Have a very merry Christmas!

  11. 14

    This is a wonderful guide. I’d jump up and down if I received any of these. I used to always buy my Gramma marmalade gift baskets. But I don’t have foodies in my day to day life so I don’t buy many of these kinds of things for others.

  12. 16

    So many fun things on your list! I wouldn’t mind seeing some of those appear under my tree!! Have a wonderful holiday, Jen.

  13. 17

    GREAT picks! Some of them are my very favorites! My last minute food gifts are usually baked goods – unless I’m sending them out. Then it’s Williams Sonoma’s panettone – the best outside of Italy!

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