The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

With so many choices available, holiday shopping has become so much more fun but also so much more stressful. It’s virtually impossible to find the time to explore it all, and well a little overwhelming too!

To save you a little time (and leg-work), I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 holiday gift recommendations.

Before I give you my list, maybe someone could please tell me what the fascination is with the Keurig Brewers? They’re everywhere this holiday season, and I just don’t get it. It just seems like a more expensive way to buy coffee… So if you have one, please leave a comment and enlighten me!

Here is a collection of some of my favorite kitchen tools and a few of the things that rank at the top of my wish list this year…

The 2011 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

1. Antique Bead Dinner Plates from Ballard Design

The timeless design and hand finished detail make them casual enough for everyday use but elegant enough for any special occasion. They’re dishwasher and microwave safe and safe to put into the oven for warming.

2. All-Clad Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons available from Williams-Sonoma

These gorgeous polished stainless steel measuring cups and spoons will last you a lifetime. They have the signature All-Clad riveted handles for secure grip with extra long handles to make reaching into tall jars and canisters a breeze.

3. Set of 4 Stoneware Mugs from Le Creuset

This seasonal 12 oz. mug set has the classic Le Creuset pearlized finish. In colors like red, green, white and black, they’re perfect for any holiday get together. They’re broiler, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe and come with a 5-year warranty.

4. Natural Flower Placemats from Pier 1

These 16.5” placemats are woven from natural banana bark. Their big, bold blossom are the perfect accompaniment to a simple and rustic table, or an elegant one, like this one here.

5. Cuisinart Elite Collection 14-Cup Food Processor

This was THE best gift I received last year!  It’s big enough and heavy-duty enough to handle the toughest job, but with its smaller blade and nested bowl I can make short work of the tiniest job. It features: 3 nested bowls for maximum versatility (14 cups, 11 cups, and 4 ½ cups), large and small chopping/mixing blades, a dough blade, a wide mouth feed tube, a retractable cord, a 20 year motor warranty, and a 3 year limited warranty.  It’s available in die-cast, white, and black.


6. Mad About Macarons! Make Macarons Like the French by Jill Colonna

Macarons have been taking the world by storm! With clear, concise, and easy to follow directions for making a huge variety of macarons, this book is the perfect gift for the baker on your list.

7. Vintage Wooden Serving Bowls from Pottery Barn

These gorgeous rustic bowls are made from sustainably harvested Mango Wood. They’re available in both single serving size and salad bowl size.

8. Giada De Laurentiis Stainless Steel 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set available at Target

Not only do these sleek bowls nest inside of each other for easy storage, but they also contain a silicone pad on the bottom to prevent them from slipping around during use.

9. Weck Tulip Canning Jars

The sleek and elegant canning jars make are the perfect way to wrap up your homemade holiday gifts!

10. Tea for One by Bodum

This glass, double wall, 12 oz. single serving tea strainer is a stylish and convenient to steep your favorite cup of tea. It’s available in black, orange, red, or my personal favorite, green.

The best part, is that ALL of these gifts are available for purchase online.  So you can just hop over there and order right now while sitting in your cozy chair!

What’s on your holiday wishlist this year?

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  1. 1

    I would love any and every thing there. :) Of course I have a weakness for kitchen gadgets and my jaw dropped open for the food processor. :) Hope Santa is extra generous with your this year. PS… Congratulations on making Top 9– that salsa was fantastic. :)

  2. 3

    There isn’t a single thing on this list that I wouldn’t love to have. Great gift guide!

  3. 4

    Hey. I have a Keurig, and I LOVELOVELOVE it! Yes, it is more expensive. But I’m the only coffee drinker in the house, and I was forever pouring out the rest of my half a pot after 2 cups. And the sucker makes a cup of coffee in seconds! SECONDS! This is especially important on the first cup of the morning. And if you have a favorite brand of coffee, you just pop it into the reusable cup (sold separately) and there goes the “more expensive” problem. I buy the cups, though, because Nantucket Blend is heavenly. Also, you always have hot water on demand for hot cocoa, oatmeal, or tea. So there’s my two cents on the brewers.

  4. 6

    I love all of this, but I ADORE those little Le Creuset mugs!

  5. 7

    Great list! I’m working on my list for my blog right now and had those mugs on mine too! They’re great! And WOO for Top 9!!

  6. 9

    I am not a coffee drinker, so I can’t help you there! But your list looks amazing!
    I want those little tulip jars, and the Le Creuset mugs, and the measuring cups!!

  7. 10

    Awesome gift guide! I need that Jill Colonna’s cookbook! :)

  8. 12

    Love, love, love all of these! My wish is a new big food processor (like the one you have pictured!) but we just ordered a DSLR (another wish!) so I’ll probably have to wait on the food processor!

  9. 14

    I told my family that I didn’t want anything for the kitchen this year and their mouths all hung open in disbelief. I would like a new wheat grinder because mine bit the dust and I am really missing home ground flours. Other than that, I am asking for the usual girly things like perfume, lotion and clothes. How un-foodie-like!

  10. 15

    Hi Jen! I noticed that you have some new pictures in header!!! I love it. Your site looks really professional. I just bought new measuring cups (I like to have several so I don’t have to wash while cooking… it’s my 3rd set. hehee), but oh I wish I can afford this All-Clad measuring cups… Such a good looking one. $50…forget it. Haha. Thanks for the list. It’s so fun to peek other’s choices!

  11. 17

    Some great choices here! I may need to forward this to the hubby. :) I’m with Nami, those measuring cups look SO nice.

  12. 18

    These are great recommendations, you have great taste! I also have a Cuisineart Food Processor and love it! I need to get myself those stainless steel measuring cups :)

  13. 19

    I love the placemats and the wooden bowls. I need to rework my Christmas list now.

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