Dried Cranberry and Eggnog Biscotti

I’m a huge fan of that show Chopped on Food Network because I secretly love watching people open the basket of secret ingredients and seeing the look of, “What am I supposed to do with prunes and animal crackers?!” that comes across their faces!

Kristen of Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker hosts this Improv challenge once a month which is just like Chopped, only without the cameras, or the pressure, or the $10,000 prize…

Okay, so I guess it’s really nothing like it all except that she assigns two ingredients that you have to include in your recipe… whatevs! (See how I just totally channeled my 12 year old?!)

For December: Cranberries and Eggnog

So I made Dried Cranberry and Eggnog Biscotti for two reasons. First because this is the 12 Days of Christmas Cookies and not the 12 days of Cookies & other random stuff thrown in because Kristen was hosting her Improv Challenge on the 15th.

And second, since biscotti is like the ying to the coffee yang, I can totally make believe that they are a perfectly acceptable breakfast food!

Please take careful note of the picture hanging on the fridge in the background of this next photo. My littlest Piglet Ana (who just turned 7) wanted me to use this picture so that everyone could see what an AMAZING artist she is.

And this is her begging face…

So here you have it, a photo of her fridge art, because I cannot stand to tell that sweet little face no!

Dried Cranberry and Eggnog Biscotti

½ c. butter, softened
¾ c. sugar
1 large egg
¼ c. + 1 tbs. eggnog
2 c. all purpose flour
2 tsp. baking powder
½ tsp. salt
¾ c. dried cranberries, finely chopped

In the bowl of a mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, cream together butter and sugar on medium, 2-3 minutes until pale yellow and lightly fluffy. Add the egg and eggnog, and blend well. Mix in flour, baking powder, and salt until evenly incorporated, being sure not to overmix. Finally, stir in the dried cranberries with a wooden spoon until well mixed in.

Divide dough into two equal parts and shape each half into a log wrapped in plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line baking sheet with parchment paper or silpat and set aside.

Shape dough into two 12” x 2 ½” rectangles on prepared sheet.

Bake 18-22 minutes until set and the edges are VERY light golden brown.

Remove from oven and cool 5-10 minutes, until firm enough to move.

Move to a cutting board, and using a serrated knife, gently slice into ½” slices and return to baking sheet. Bake 5-7 minutes longer. Remove from oven and cool on cooling rack.

Please feel free to sufficiently ooh and aah over Ana’s picture, as I will let her read each and every single comment! Much obliged.

And now, to reward you, you have two more days to enter for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

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  1. 1

    I think if you were on Chopped you would win, win, win with this wonderful recipe!! How delicious, creative and festive for the season!! Take a bow Jen!!

  2. 2

    Yumm cranberrry and eggnog, tis the season. Looks delicious.

  3. 3

    Yumm, cranberrry and eggnog, tis the season. Looks delicious.

  4. 4

    Thank you for creating these! I was going to try building a recipe after I perfected my scones, but I just ran out of time. (I made 20 dozen biscotti for teacher gifts yesterday — 6 different flavors — these would’ve been a great addition!)

  5. 5

    What a great use of the secret ingredients!! I need to jump on the biscotti train…maybe it is because I don’t drink coffee I don’t have much experience with them.

  6. 6

    Hello fellow ICC blogger. This biscoti looks wonderful. Perfect anytime food for me! Come visit and check out our cookie. Also be sure to register to win the wonderful book we are giving away. Today is the last day. Look for the Southern Fried Women post.

  7. 7

    Hi Anna: What a great picture!
    I think your Mama should show us more of your artwork, so tell her I would like to see more.
    You keep doing your art and I know you will be a great artist one day.

    Oh could you tell your Mama that her biscotti sounds great.
    I have never tried biscotti but this will be the first one I do.

    Have a Merry Christmas

  8. 8

    I’m sorry!

    I spelled Ana wrong.
    I have a granddaughter (she’s 3) and her name is Anya.

  9. 9

    Those are the prettiest biscotti I’ve ever seen! And Ana is beautiful AND talented!!!

  10. 10

    (1) Your daughter is gorgeous! Those big eyes slay me…
    (2) These biscotti look delicious! My mom loves biscotti with her coffee, so I’m definitely going to have to make these for her!

  11. 12

    I have never made Biscotti. A few years ago I had the intentions to do it, and then didn’t get to it. Your pictures make me want to grab the biscotti off the screen and eat it. Again, I don’t think I have tried this crunchy little cookie either.

    Love the picture of Ana and her art work! 😉

  12. 13

    oh my these look amazing!! must.try.soon

  13. 14

    Well done Ana (I couldn’t have told her no either).
    Your biscotti looks wonderful and a perfectly acceptable breakfast item because “Yes” pairing it with coffee or tea brings it into the breakfast realm.
    I made biscotti for the first time last night and I only wish it could have come out as beautiful as yours.

  14. 15

    These look so fantastic and the photos you caught-fab!

  15. 16

    Another fabulous cookie Jen! OMG – how could anyone refuse a face like that? :)

  16. 17

    So yummy!!! Merry Christmas!

  17. 18

    You daughter is a beauty!

    And that biscotti looks so enticing!

  18. 19

    Awww your Ana is so beautiful..and you know what very talented artist!!!!
    Biscotti…Yummy!!!! Perfect for anytime snack, at least for me:))

  19. 20

    Delicious biscotti! You know…it kind of IS like Chopped…and it’s one of my very favorite shows, too! Your little artist is adorable and such an artist!

  20. 21

    First off, your daughter is so cute :)! Second this biscotti sounds delicious! Eggnog and cranberries are the perfect seasonal combo! Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday season :)!

  21. 22

    Your pics are beautiful – love biscotti!

  22. 23

    Those biscotti look amazing and must taste just divine! What a great flavor.

    Ana is so pretty!



  23. 24

    I am so impressed with the beautiful artwork from your daughter. She is a talented color-er.

    She must get her artistic talents from her mother. The biscotti looks delicious.

  24. 25

    Well, there’s no way I could tell her ‘no’ either! She’s a Princess! And quite the artist as well :) So are you! This biscotti sounds so cool! I’m a bit of an eggnog fiend…

  25. 26

    Biscotti was a great idea. Yours look absolutely perfect!

  26. 27

    I love your little artist’s picture! And I also love this biscotti! I would have never thought about combing eggnog and cranberry so I am loving all these recipes I am seeing!

  27. 28

    I love the picture on the fridge! Ana is a true artist!! Every month I send a package of biscotti to an old neighbor where I used to live. This month I will be seeing him in person, and I know he would love your recipe. It looks delicious, and I can’t wait to make this for him! Merry Christmas!

  28. 29

    I love biscotti and this might be one of the few ways I could tolerate consuming eggnog. Your daughter is lovely!

  29. 30

    Jen…I JUST LOVE biscotti! So perfect with coffee or tea (and sometimes just by itself!) Your daughter is so beautiful and so is her art! And I thank you for sharing all of this with us! I love Chopped! And so I love the idea of Kristen’s Improv. I simply couldn’t manage this month but hope to jump in for January! You did a GREAT job in blending the secret ingredients! : )

  30. 31

    beautiful artwork and biscotti

  31. 32

    Never tried biscotti before and seeing these pics I am feeling so inspired to make them! Your daughter and her artwork are are lovely.

  32. 33

    A very festive goodies.. So drool-worthy! Happy Holidays to you and the family, Jen :)

  33. 34

    mmm … There is nothing better than a good biscotti with my morning coffee. I will be trying this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  34. 35

    Two things to note: 1. Your daughter is GORGEOUS; 2. this biscotti is WONDERFUL!

    That is all :)

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