My “If I Have to Clean out the Fridge Playlist”…

If someone were to ask me what I do in the kitchen when I’m all alone in the house and no one is looking, my first answer would be eat ice cream straight out of the container.

Yes, I double dip.

But if you ever come over, I buy new containers for company – just so you know.

My real answer would be, sing. I don’t just mean hum along – I mean sing like I’m Barbara Streisand and the whole world is my stage kind of sing. In fact, if you had asked me when I was like 7 or 8 years old what I was going to be when I grew up, I would have answered the next Julie Andrews (I had a little thing for The Sound of Music, sue me) or else married to John Denver.

Yes, it’s weird. I know.

But the dial on my dad’s stereo was broken and stuck on National Public Radio (I think he did it on purpose), and we had like two eight track cassettes – the soundtrack to Diamonds are Forever and John Denver’s Greatest Hits. Consequently I love classical music, and I thought John Denver hung the moon! Grandma’s Feather Bed still ranks up there on my list of top 10 best songs of all time. (I embraced my inner geek a long, LONG time ago!)

When the kids are all off doing their own thing, and I’ve got the house, and more importantly the kitchen, all to myself, music makes it all that much sweeter. So I thought I’d share with you my weekend, if I have to clean out the fridge playlist. That’s the technical name for it…

1. All of Me by Billie Holiday because if I sounded like her I would talk just to hear my own voice.

Billie Holiday Night and Day

2. Venice by Chris Botti. His music is so insanely sexy. Sigh…

Venice Chris Botti

3. Memories of You by Art Tatum because I wish I could play piano like that.

Art Tatum Memories of You

4. I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face by Dean Martin, because hello, it’s Dean Martin. What’s not to love!?

Dean Martin Amore

5. Fragile by Sting, another classic.

Fragile Sting

6. It’s Me by Sara Groves – such a sad and lovely song about how we often forget human kindness when hurt and angry.

Sara Groves Fireflies and Songs

7. Lay Down Beside Me – a duet between Alison Krauss and John Waite – THE sexiest love song ever! EVER!

Alison Krauss A Hundred Miles or More

8. As Time Goes By by Rosemary Clooney because White Christmas is my all time favorite movie. (Not that those two have anything to do with each other except that she was in White Christmas…)

As Time Goes By Rosemary Clooney

9. Baby, You’ve Got What it Takes by Michael Buble since it makes me snap my fingers and sing, “Ooh, ooh, baby.”

Crazy Love by Michael Buble

10. And last, but not least, Ordinary World by Katherine McPhee because we should never settle for an ordinary world!

Katherine McPhee

What do you listen to when you’ve got sole possession of the remote control?

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  1. 1

    Jen! There must have been something in the air today. I cleaned out my fridge, too! (An old, old cuke forced me into this on a beautiful morning!). When I am in the kitchen, no matter what I am doing, and because I love to sing really loud, too….I play my “Divas” playlist. Favorite ladies past and present. It includes Ella Fitzgerald (Love You Madly), Aretha Franklin (Baby,Baby,Baby), Beth Rowley (Sweet Hours), Billie Holiday (Embraceable You), Bonnie Raitt (I Can’t Make You Love Me), Carole King (Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow), Diana Krall (A Case of You), Etta James (Sunday Kind of Love), Eva Cassidy (I Know You by Heart), A Fine Frenzy (Near to You) and Sara Bareilles (Between the Lines)…to name a few! It sure makes the time pass more pleasantly. Will give your playlist a try next time! : )

  2. 2

    I adore your post. Made me laugh out loud, since we are very similar. On goes the Jill’s playlist – all the stuff nobody likes listening to, and I sing at the top of my voice, with the windows certainly shut! Now that you’ve passed on your playlist, I have to listen to these for a change on fridge-cleaning duty! That is just too cool.
    You rock!

  3. 3

    Your post was fun to read Jen, then Jill above me made it even funnier. Well I’m a tone deaf and I’m very aware of it, so I realize I don’t sing that much. Plus my kids are already so noisy at home or in the car… My 3 year old daughter says “Mama, this is MY song” when I start singing along with radio song. Ugh.

  4. 4

    Singing out loud is good for the soul! :)

    I quite like Imogen Heap lately. She’s quite a nut case…saw her in concert recently and became addicted!

    Big band music is another fun toe-tapping, belt-out sing-a-long experience I occasionaly indulge in.

  5. 5

    Great post!

  6. 6

    We’re so different musically that it’s hard to believe we’re friends. I like loud, angry, get it done music or happy upbeat music. A sample of my playlist: Born this Way by Lady Gaga, Raise Your Glass by Pink, What the Hell by Avril, F*cking Perfect by Pink, Just Dace by Lady Gaga and Tick Tock by Kesha….

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