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A few days ago, my husband and I got into a conversation about my cookbooks. I don’t remember what started it, although in hindsight, I should have paid closer attention. That way the next time we head into those dangerous waters, I can quickly change the subject with some catchy line like, “Hey, how about those Texas Rangers! Man they whooped the Rays the other night.” Or something. Anything.

Somehow, my husband comes up with the notion that I have like fifty cookbooks. I immediately say, “Pleeease. I do NOT have anywhere close to fifty cookbooks.” This is the moment where there really should be a sarcasm font. I was dripping with it!

The conversation progresses as my husband assures me that yes, I do in fact have AT LEAST fifty cookbooks. What do I do? Do I just shut up and let the conversation drop? Oh no. That would be way too easy! I get up and decide I’m going to count them to prove him wrong. Why of why did I ever think THAT might be a good idea?!

So, “1, 2, 3…” About the time I hit 45 and I still had a quarter of a shelf left to go I had to finally admit, “Okay, I have like 50ish,” as my voice trails to oblivion.

My husband just snorted, “ish. That’s funny.”

Now that I have gone and made an obvious point of how many cookbooks I own, I can surely count on not getting the new David Lebovitz cookbook for my birthday. Or any of the other like 20 cookbooks on my Amazon.com wish list.

Since I have so many, I thought maybe it would be fun over time to let you in on a few of my favorites. (Maybe if my husband sees how much I love them and use them he’ll let me buy some more…)

Sitting pretty at the top of the list, where it has been perched since the day I brought it home, is Paula Deen’s original cookbook The Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cookbook.

To me it is like the I Ching of all cooking wisdom. Better even than my trusty old Betty Crocker cookbook with it’s falling out pages. You can find recipes for every classic dish known to man, ones that every home cook should have tucked in his/her back pocket. Not only that, but they’re all insanely good. This book has my favorite beef stew and biscuit recipes. And I have given this book as a gift more than any other book. If you like good ol’ southern food, this is a must have!

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