Archives for November 2009

Cream Cheese Potatoes

No Thanksgiving meal is complete without mashed potatoes – the more the better in my family. You’d seriously think my family was Irish by the way we consume potatoes! These are a decadent twist on the same old same old mashed potatoes. They are great as leftover potato cakes as well. These are my son’s […]

Glazed Carrots

I always serve a couple of vegetables at the holidays because it feels really good to eat something yummy that’s not quite so heavy. All my kids love these because they’re just a little bit sweet… Glazed Carrots 1 1/4 lbs. fresh carrots (about 8 medium) 1/3 c. packed brown sugar 2 tbs. butter 1/2 […]

Roasted Butter Herb Turkey

Since we are rapidly approaching Thanksgiving, the time of year when people start freaking out about how they’re going to cook their turkey, I thought I would share my favorite recipe. I never understand why people get so stressed out about Thanksgiving, talking about getting up at 4:00 in the morning and basting the turkey every […]

McCormick’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am always looking for new cookie recipes, because my family eats a LOT of them. And I get tired of eating the same ones over and over again. I swapped out the chocolate chips in these for Chocolate Chunks (always a plus in my opinion). They were very similar to the traditional Nestle Toll […]

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

A few weeks ago I tried out a pumpkin muffin recipe that was a little less than perfect. Let’s just say…So a friend of mine sent me a link to these muffins which I finally made earlier. My husband and I are agreed, they are the best dang muffins we have ever tasted! I seriously […]

Brian’s Favorite Pot Roast

My husband loves pot roast, so I have tried oodles of recipes over the years. Eventually I came up with my own. It comes out nice and tender and perfectly flavored every time. This is my “standard” pot roast. Brian’s Favorite Pot Roast 1 (2-2 1/2 lb) chuck roast 2 tbs. vegetable oil 1 c. […]

Old Fashioned Meatloaf

My very first cookbook I bought when I moved out was a copy of the Betty Crocker red checkered classic cookbook. My version of meatloaf is a variation of a recipe in that cookbook. And let’s just say it took a few tries to get it just right… Old Fashioned Meat Loaf 1 1/2 lbs. […]

Candy Topped Blossom Cookies

Every year at Christmas, somebody brings Peanut Blossom cookies to every cookie swap. And sometimes, they get a little old. I decided to try this recipe because it’s a twist on an old favorite. It uses Rolos instead of Hershey Kisses and all the ingredients are things that you can keep on hand in the […]


Apples always remind me of home – the smell, the color, and the reminder of my mom and grandma in the kitchen baking. Our neighbors had an orchard when I was a kid, which meant that every fall we had TONS of apples. Which meant we had apple everything, from pie to sauce to butter. […]

Poker Potato Chips

This is the perfect compliment to the Mini Burgers on Toasted Disks or just by themselves. They’re like a cross between a potato chip and a french fry, and they are SO good. They taste just like Brau Chips at Hoffbrau’s in Texas (if you’ve ever had them). And they taste darn good dipped in […]