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Chicken and Broccoli Fettuccini Alfredo

I can’t take any credit for this recipe at all. The last time I visited my brother and sister-in-law, she made it. It was so easy, and was made with things you can keep in the pantry and freezer all the time. It makes a really great go to meal…She made it using Ronzoni Smart […]

Apple Crisp

Have I mentioned my love affair with apples yet? Apples are a staple in my house, and like bread and milk, they are one of the things I always make a special run to the store for if we run out. I like them every way you slice them! Especially warm in pies, in stuffing, […]

Ground Turkey Snack Quiches

Bite size foods are so much more fun than regular food.  I think it started with my fascination with doll houses when I was a kid.  I just like tiny things. Ground Turkey Snack Quiches 1/4 lb. ground turkey, cooked 15 miniature Phyllo dough cups 1 egg 1/2 c. half and half 1 tbs. chopped onion […]

Baklava Cups

My husband recently had a chance to spend a few days in Greece, courtesy of the good ol’ U.S. Navy.  Unfortunately, I did not.  If I could insert a sad face emoticon here, I would. The stinker… In a funny coincidence, I happened to catch a cooking show on Food Network, shocker I know, about Greek […]

Citrus Streusel Quick Bread

I have already eaten two pieces of the loaf I made earlier, and I am going to quickly round this up so I can go have another one! Man it was good! Nothing more really to say than that… Citrus Streusel Quick Bread from Taste of Home Award Winning Recipes (I told you everything I’ve […]

Emeril’s Favorite French Toast

Here’s another one from that Emeril cookbook I checked out of the library. My 10 year old is the pickiest eater on the planet! She has never (underline, bold, capitalize and italicize NEVER) eaten French Toast before, and she ate two large pieces! Emeril’s Favorite French Toastfrom Emeril’s: There’s a Chef in My Soup 4 […]

Potato Bacon Casserole

Like I said, I love weekend brunch. But honestly, how many times can you eat the same old scrambled eggs and hash browns. I’m always on the look out for new recipes. This one was so easy and yummy…I jotted it down in my notebook a long time ago and I have no idea where […]

Rinse and Repeat: Sausage Potato Hash

As I said before yesterday’s recipe has become a family favorite! On one occasion we had some leftover (shocking, I know), and I hated to throw it away. So I decided to try and see if I could reheat it like breakfast potatoes. It was so good that now I always make more than what […]

Sausage and Potato Packet

I was flipping channels several years ago when I came across a cooking show on PBS called Fast Food My Way with this funny little french guy named Jacques Pepin (who used to cook with Julia Child). I thought what he was making looked pretty good, and I was surprised when on my next trip […]

Mini Chicken Alfredo Pot Pies

When my second child was born, my sweet friend Paula watched my son for me while my husband and I were at the hospital. And when we got home, she dropped of a delicious chicken pot pie. Now every time I make a pot pie, I think of her and her kindness! When my husband […]